ART : Sophie Rose Brampton (EN)

Another new week is starting (yes, it’s already Monday!), and we’re excited to introduce the new ART category! It will bring together artists from around the world in the form of articles or interviews, and showcase streetwear-inspired artwork. In honor of the first article: Sophie Rose Brampton!

Sophie Rose Brampton

Is a London based illustrator who makes light and colorful art, putting forward women. Creative since she was a girl, she discovered her love for digital illustration by tracing photos on Photoshop! And it’s these flawed and raw lines that ended up defining Brampton art! In an interview with Urban Outfitters, she says, « It’s a long process of finding your own style, but I know mine is real and it’s here to stay. » What inspires her? Women, millennials, and all these new life trends that punctuate our daily lives!


First, what is obvious in the art of Sophie R. Brampton are her models. All women, each more diverse than the other. True, raw, and sometimes harsh expressions that contrasts with the smoothness of the pastel colors illustrating them. The features are rough but the details are blatant: freckles, hair, overflowing sexuality… All the way to the fingertips! With her, women are not fragile little creatures but wild lionesses, and we love it! In addition, she illustrated the legendary and princess of Feminism: Solange Knowles.

« Sassy, unapologetic and feminine. »

Streetwear, here and there

In addition to a pronounced girl power, what made us fall in love was the omnipresence of streetwear. Sophie Brampton presents these women in denim and sneakers, in fishnet stockings and Calvin Klein underwear, as 90’s models, in crop-tops and windbreakers… A diversity of styles that glorifies the diversity of ethnicities. Furthermore, Sophie Brampton is working with the well-known brand Missguided for the launch of their new fragrance: Babe Power.

Eventually, you can find this outstanding artist on Instagram: @sophierosebrampton, on her site, and on her online store!

As a bonus : our fav » by far, her illustration of @frey_louise !

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