Music : Avalanch is here to take you away ! (EN)

This week we decided to introduce you to an awesome artist : Avalanch, a rising star in the world of hip hop ! And who, better than himself, can talk about his music ? So let’s stop the wait : here is our exclusive interview with the British singer and songwriter !

Music : Avalanch is here to take you away !

Streetwear Aesthetics : Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Avalanch : Hi guys ! I go by the name of Avalanch, 30 years of age. My name was given to me by my big brother Vigilants who also does music. He played a big part in my reasons of getting into the music industry. I love music and can adapt to most styles but hip hop is my platform.

S.A. : What/Who inspired you to make music?

Avalanch : Again, my big bro’ ! Also, strong influences like the one and only Tupac Shakur (r.i.p.). I still listen to ‘Pac up until this day. Things I go through or been through inspire me the most even other people’s journeys help me write songs. Last but not least, music runs in my blood line my dad was a drummer in a band called Black Slate and had a famous single called Amigo.

Music : Avalanch is here to take you away !



S.A. : Why “Avalanch”?

Avalanch : Avalanch was given to me when I was only 16 at the time. I didn’t quite know what an avalanch was, but I soon came to realize it’s everything I stand for: I’m cold and honest my songs hit you with impact and take you somewhere else.


S.A. : What is the message of your music?

Avalanch : My message has always been powerful. I love to educate the kids and better them for the good. Those suffering, going through depression, or life dramas. I’ve been there so I can relate and understand. My message is also about determination, guidance and hope/faith.


S.A. : What environment helps you create?

Avalanch : I use to hang around in estates when I was young, and saw a lot of things happen. It just came to a stage where I wanted to see change, not just for me, but for everyone.

I’m a playworker now, so working with kids also helps me discover a new world.


S.A. : Do you have any upcoming projects?

Avalanch : I’m working on After All Ep Part 2 with my prod zaps !


S.A. : On another note, what are your streetwear aesthetics? What brand(s) or collab(s) inspires you the most (and why)?

Avalanch : I like to support any new clothing lines in UK, Europe… anywhere! I’m a simple guy. I wear what I like and don’t care about designers and glam.

Music : Avalanch is here to take you away !

S.A. : How do you want your fans to remember you?

Avalanch : As someone who spoke the truth and touched hearts.


So that’s a wrap for our first collab’ with Avalanch ! If you want to listen to more of his music find his soundcloud up here, and download his  EP After All right here !

Also, follow him Youtube, Facebook, Twitter (@avalanchmusic), and Instagram (@avalanchmusic)

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