Music : Saints by Day, but not by night…

Hello everyone ! This week, we’re going to introduce you to a band we met not so long ago. They are the kind of american band we use to listen to as teenagers, and we just love their style ! So here is a very spacial interview of Dylan Miller, Saints by Day’s drummer :


S.A : Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

Dylan : Hi, I’m Dylan Miller a musician from the greater Seattle area. I have played drums for the last 8 years!

S.A : What/Who inspired you to make music?

Dylan : I am inspired by anyone who picks up an instrument, I love to play along to anything and everything. I also have gotten inspiration to play drums by Dave Grohl, Mitch Mitchell, and Aaron Gillespie.

S.A : Why “Saints By Day”?

Dylan : We don’t want to discuss what we are at night…

S.A : What is the message of your music?

Dylan : The message behind our music is that anyone can do this. However, this is how we do it. We have fun! And take nothing to seriously.

S.A : What environment helps you create?

Dylan : For me I need a fun and lively environment.

S.A : Do you have any upcoming projects?

Dylan : Currently “Saints By Day” will be in and out of studio(s) for finding several different sounds and production techniques.

« We don’t want to discuss what we are at night… »


S.A : On another note, what are your streetwear aesthetics? What brand(s) or collab(s) inspires you the most (and why)?

Dylan : I will almost always wear a hoodie( mainly Nike hoodies) and Levi’s. I wear Vans shoes often and sometime Nike running shoes as well. Also, my buddies have started up a clothing company called SKUMBAG Company I collaborated with for music and modeling opportunity. I wear there hats often.

S.A : How do you want your fans to remember you?

Dylan : My Fans/Friends/Family remember me by how I talk. A lot of swear words (lol) and I am really kind and buy people things/drinks/food.



That’s a wrap for this weeks interview ! We don’t have any music to share with you today, although we got to listen to it exclusively (Yes, we feel VIP!). If you want to be one of the first to hear their upcoming projects, follow Saints by Day on IG @saintsbydayband and on FB.

A very spécial thank you too Dylan for this interview !


Photos creds : Saints by Day
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